Water Restrictions In Cape Town

Kindly note that the City of Cape Town is currently in the middle of a severe drought.

Accordingly, severe water restrictions have been implemented in an attempt to manage the crisis. In addition to the restrictions in place, fines and other punitive measures have been introduced to discourage water waste.

The water restrictions prohibit the use of municipal drinking water for non-essential purposes which consequently precludes swimming pools from being topped up with municipal drinking water, rendering our pool facilities potentially inoperable during this period.

The said restrictions are not to be taken lightly as fines may be issued against any party who contravenes these restrictions, as such we are obliged to comply with the regulations in place.

Your understanding and assistance in this matter is valued and we hope that you would assist in alleviating the crisis by implementing the following measures to lower your water consumption:
1. Please reduce your shower time to two minutes or less once a day
2. Utilise a container in the bathroom for brushing your teeth, shaving and actions of the like instead of running the tap unnecessarily
3. Please purchase water for drinking where possible.
4. Please use the water collected from your shower to flush toilets. Only flush when absolutely necessary.
5. Reduce use of washing machines and dishwashers, only using when 100% necessary.
6. When defrosting food items, do so naturally or in the fridge instead of placing it under running water.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, as a result of the above and would like to reiterate that the infringement of your enjoyment of certain of our facilities is out of our control and as such we are subject to the by-laws governing this city.

Accordingly, neither the Capsol Group, nor its clients can be held liable, as a result of services being unavailable due to the water restrictions.

We appreciate your assistance in this regard. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help you enjoy your stay. We are always contactable on 021 438 9644.

Yours faithfully,
Capsol Luxury Villas & Apartments

Cape Town is currently on Level 6 water restrictions

How it affects you 
The City of Cape Town is currently in the middle of a dire water crisis. Accordingly, water restrictions have been implemented to manage this. In addition, fines and other punitive measures have been introduced, to discourage non-essential water use.
• Water use is limited to 87L per person per day (10 500L per household per month)
• Pools will not be allowed to be filled, and therefore once the water drops below pump level, will turn green and be unusable
• Use of portable pools is prohibited
• Irrigation systems which use Municipal water will not be allowed to be used

Calculate your Daily

Water Consumption To put things in perspective, here is an approximation of quantity of water used for normal daily duties.  With Level 6 restrictions, we are only allowed 87 litres per person per day.

See how quickly it adds up!
• 5-minute shower: 38L
• 5-minute power shower: 76L
• Brushing teeth with tap running: 7.6L per min
• Brushing teeth with tap off: 0.95L
• One toilet flush: 11.4L
• Other water use (drinking, cooking, etc.): 26.6L
• Washing machine: 152L
• Dishwasher: 38L

How will this affect your stay
• Swimming pools will not be full or in operation.
• Jacuzzis will not be functioning and have been closed up.
• Gardens might not be looking lush and green,
• If your stay is less than 7 nights there will be no bed linen change.
• Bath plugs will be removed from the property as bathing is prohibited.
• Showers are restricted to 2 minutes per person per day
• Buckets will be provided to collect your shower water to use for toilet flushing