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Exclusive Camps Bay villas of extraordinary luxury are peppered along the Cape Town coastline in this affluent area. Find everything you need to choose your ideal holiday rental, right here.

Msangasanga in Camps Bay accommodation

Msangasanga is a 5-bedroom double storey holiday villa in Camps Bay with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lions Head.The villa is spread out over 2 levels, each boasting its own kitchen, dining area and living room with access to an outside terrace. This feature makes it the…

From R 10,000
Strathmore House in Camps Bay accommodation

This impressive large multi-level 6 bedroom villa offers the discerning guest panoramic sea views, a good location as well as luxury and privacy.The villa consists of a main house and a flatlet which are accessed by a large flight of stairs from the street entrance. The two bedroom…

From R 10,000
26 On First in Camps Bay accommodation

26 on First is a new bespoke luxury villa that tastefully encompasses minimalist elegance and relaxation. This Camps Bay villa presents an idyllic setting for discerning travellers seeking a tranquil escape and a luxurious holiday. Nestled in the heart of Camps Bay, an affluent coastal suburb of Cape…

From R 18,000
Villa Bellissimo in Camps Bay accommodation

Celebrity-status luxury living unfolds here, at the iconic Villa Bellissimo. This newly revamped property oozes boldness, strength and yet sophisticated elegance. Contrasting decor, textures and colour embody a subtle African earthy feel, while contemporary art pieces captivate.Surrounded by coastal greenery, you’re gently wrapped in sublime privacy: guarded by…

From R 25,000

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Along the Atlantic Seaboard, one neighbourhood stands out as the finest of them all. Within this popular area are some of Cape Town’s most prominent residents, holiday makers and tourists. Here you will discover a wide range of villas in Camps Bay that will enhance your stay in every way.

Whether you are a family looking for a secure overseas villa, an executive down on a business trip, or a group of friends who want to experience all that Cape Town has to offer, these Camps Bay villas are the ultimate in seaside luxury. Explore our premium lists now, or find out more below.

Cape Town’s Gold Ticket Area

Camps Bay is an exclusive area in the heart of Cape Town, and it’s famous for attracting wealthy business magnates and celebrity residents from all over the world.

Because of its exceptional blue flag beaches, café culture and gourmet restaurants, this area is a tourism hub, and one of the liveliest places you can be in South Africa during the summer. Camps Bay villas are the best that the Mother City has to offer guests that insist on comfort first.

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What is a Luxury Villa?

A villa was once the pinnacle of upper-class living, and comes from the sprawling country houses that were common in Italy during the Roman Empire.

The term has evolved to refer to vacation rentals that are larger than normal and cater to the luxury market. These villas are often staffed with a team of people, and have lavish facilities like pools, tennis courts and in-house spas.

Holiday homes in Camps Bay are smaller, do not have their own private grounds and do not provide hotel facilities to guests. This is the major difference when renting houses, apartments or bungalows and not the Camps Bay villas that target the top-end of the market.

Why Stay in a Luxury Villa?

Staying in a Camps Bay villa has been compared to living in a summer palace, where you have space to stretch out and enjoy your private holiday rental, beautiful ocean vistas and incomparable lifestyle upgrades. Staying in a villa is like having a hotel in your home.

Unlike other properties that you can rent in Cape Town, these rentals focus on privacy, exclusivity and comfort – they are so luxurious you will want to spend a good amount of time at home during your stay, so that you can take advantage of the in-house lifestyle they offer you.

Privacy: Camps Bay villas are remarkably private, which means that they have the best security, and will keep you from prying eyes – separate from the other properties around you for a stress-free vacation. Important business people and celebrities regularly rent villas for this reason.

Exclusivity: You work hard, play hard and need time to recharge in a pristine environment where relaxation is critical to your day. These exclusive villas in Camps Bay make it easy to keep people out, impress the right people that come in and all while you maintain a hectic schedule, or take time off from one.

Comfort: Tourists that value these holiday rentals often do so because the facilities allow them to throw great parties or get-togethers for family, friends or work colleagues in a private setting. With superior luxury comes increased physical, emotional and mental performance so that you can make the most of your South African adventure.

Who Rents Luxury Villas Most Often?

Camps Bay villas are regularly rented by a variety of people, companies and brands for a wide range of reasons.

  • High net worth individuals: Cape Town, South Africa attracts a lot of high net worth business people, celebrities and their families who holiday here during the summer for extended or short stays and insist on security and privacy.
  • Brands and groups: These villa rentals are popular with brands and groups that want to spend some time team-building or bonding during a short holiday. Luxury villas are less expensive to rent than hotels, and a lot more private.
  • Companies: Our Camps Bay villas are often rented for film shoots, photography shoots and for executive business purposes, like the celebration of a successful product launch.
  • Special Occasions: Family reunions, anniversaries, weddings, romantic weekends and birthdays are all occasions that warrant renting a villa in Camps Bay. It’s a common misconception that these properties are not affordable, many are well-priced.

Camps Bay Villas: The Capsol Range

Our incredible portfolio of Cape Town villa rentals has made Capsol a household name in luxury accommodation. The villas we rent and manage are modern, state-of-the-art and have been designed by some of the foremost architects in the country.

Many of our Camps Bay villas exemplify the beachside lifestyle that has becoming synonymous with the area, and as a result are extraordinary locations for indulgence in seaside culture.

  • Self-catering villas: Our self-catering rentals let you to move in and manage your own holiday in a care-free environment.
  • Staffed villas: Our villas also come with the option to hire a complement of staff that will cook, clean and transport you where you need to go.

Holiday accommodation in this area is at the top end of the local property rental market. However, many vacation rentals are affordable for short term or group stays, and what you get in return is the finest luxury experience in Southern Africa.

There is nothing like staying in an award-winning, beachside villa during your holiday. For long term stays or short-term holidays, these Cape Town villas will make you feel like royalty.

Browse our exclusive collection above, or contact us to enquire about availability. A stay at one of these Camps Bay villas is an unforgettable experience of the most extravagant kind.