Water Restrictions in Cape Town

The Western Cape is presently experiencing water restrictions. We believe that it is in everyone’s interest to do their part in preserving this precious resource including our valued guests and property owners. Measures have been put in place to assist the situation, as best possible and some of these measures may affect your stay:

  • Swimming pools may not be full
  • Jacuzzis will not be functioning
  • Garden might not be looking lush and green
  • The bed linen will only be changed every 4-5 days
  • Baths may not have plugs as this is currently prohibited

Additional measures during your stay, which would assist the situation:

  • Reduce shower time to 2 minutes or less and only once per day
  • Only flush the toilet when it is essential to do so
  • Please use the buckets provided in the shower to flush the toilets
  • Only run dishwashers & washing machines when completely full and absolutely necessary
  • Please report any leaks to your property manager as quickly as possible

We appreciate your understanding that the infringement of your enjoyment of certain facilities is out of our control and as such we are subject to the by-laws governing this city.

Accordingly, neither the Capsol Group nor its providers can be held liable, because of services being unavailable due to the water restrictions.

Your assistance by implementing the above measures in place to lower your water consumption is greatly valued.

To read up on more up to date information on Water Restrictions In Cape Town directly from the City of Cape Town’s website, please Click Here.